Messing Around …

Messing around a bit. Mark was kind enough to tell me that HaloScan had added code for Thingamablog, so I grabbed that – so all the posts below this one are going to look a little weird in the comments section. But on the other hand, no more hand-pasting and keeping up with the date, etc, etc.

Am on the look out for new skins, too, so if anybody knows where I can peruse any nice-looking, free skins, let me know! I like this particular template, but it’s going to get old really quickly; I can already tell.

I didn’t do a whole lot on Friday, but we did find a shoe store that is moving its location (from a shopping center to our largest mall). I bought a $90 pair of New Balance walkers for $34! Go Me! I went in looking for a new pair of loafers, as I’ve needed a new pair for a while now – I lost weight, so my $40 pair of Candies that I bought three years ago when my grandmother died just don’t fit me anymore. 😦 Preston found the pile of New Balance while I was head-deep in Hush Puppies. 😀

I got a lot of work done on the house this weekend. Let’s see …

Saturday, I deep-cleaned the office, including vacuum-brushing the base-boards; I’ve still not brought the ceiling fan cleaner up to clean dust and cobwebs from behind the desk, though, and I’ve got to remember to do that. It’s not so bad back there, but with the rest of the room clean, I feel like there’s a dirty spot lurking! I even vacuumed my desk chair and Grey Lady’s bed, all the miscellaneous plush animals I have around, and the books – well, not all of the books, just the ones on the bookshelf (the rest of them in the closet where it doesn’t get dusty).

Must remember to buy some canned air and spray out the pc tower …

Then, I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom (I love Clorox Teflon bathroom cleansers!! They make life sooo much saner!) Vacuumed the hall and stairs, then the bedroom. I didn’t do the bedroom baseboards, though, and I probably should have, but I did the ones in the closet – that closet got cleaned out really well. Well, the floor did; I did the shelves, etc, back in December (January?)

After cooking a roast most of the day followed by a scrumptious peach cobbler, and given that it’s not been done in ages, I ran the oven self-cleaner Saturday evening and scrubbed the racks with an SOS pad. So, yesterday, I cleaned out the oven and releveled the stove – yeah, Preston said I wasn’t ever cleaning out another oven after I hurt my back in late January, but he said yesterday that his knees hurt too badly too stand on them to do the job. :eye rollage: I got the bottom shelf of the long cabinet over the washer and dryer cleaned and repapered. I washed down the cabinet doors, that wall, and got my china teacups up on hangers.

I found the nicest cup hangers at Garden Ridge Friday – before I found them, I was going to spend the 60 cents on a package of the screw-in type. But these are slides; you just slide them onto the shelf you want the cups to hang from; they come in a package of two, which hangs six cups. I’m going to go back and get another package and also look to see if they have such an animal for wine glasses – maybe if they don’t Lowe’s or Home Depot do?

Let’s see … Oh, I got three loads of laundry done and put away, as well, and got the new cloth shower curtain hung that my mom brought the other day. She spent $30 for it at JC Penney, hated it, and gave it to me. Works for me. Looks like she bought it specifically for our bathroom!

I think that’s everything. ROFL Have a great Monday!



I can’t believe it’s this late in March already, but at the same time, I’m glad. I’m more than ready to be able to throw open my windows and the patio door to the warm air and sunlight – and once again get to bitch that I don’t have a storm door out front to open, as well; the joys of living in a townhouse! LOL

I was upset about my tulips not coming up, but one of our maintenance men is an avid gardner in his spare time, and he told me that they may come up next year. Too, where I planted them, the ground may be too wet; it really doesn’t drain very well back there. So much for wanting tulips, I suppose. Maybe I could invest in some planters and grow them in that next time. :sigh:

I just cleaned my office. I need to get in here with the vacuum cleaner and do the baseboards and the carpet, and run to Office Depot and grab a can of air to spray the tower out with, then it’ll be clean in here again. I was having a horrid allergy attack and happened to run my finger over the top of the monitor and was immediately grossed out. How long had it been since I cleaned in here?? YUCK.

I’ve got the whole right side and the two bottom cabinets to go – ie, wash out, repaper, organize – and then I’ll be finished with the worst job in the kitchen. Next comes pulling out the fridge and cleaning it inside and out, but I do that regularly enough anyway that that’s not so bad. Thank goodness.

Spring cleaning is a chore, but it’s one that I feel so much better having done. I feel good when my house is completely clean. It’s a bit slow going this year because I somehow skipped/failed to do my Fall cleaning last year, but that’s alright. I know it’s going to be clean now. One piece at a time.

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Just an update since I didn’t write here at all over the last week … Not a whole lot going on, really.

The Gwyddoniad has has several new Seekers, and today I’ve spent getting some files straightened up on our private sight. It aggravates me to no end when I have broken links or bad information, etc, and nobody tells me!! I mean – would it kill somebody to send me an e-mail and say, “I think something’s broken?” :sigh: And I’m sick of saying, “I can’t teach people who don’t show up.” :beats head on wall: I sent a note out today that said sometimes I feel like I’m teaching Kindergarten, not Gwyddonics. 😦

I’ve not gotten any more of the kitchen cabinets cleaned or papered aside from the ones I did originally. I did, however, get my towels out of lay away and get the drawers in the main bathroom cleaned and papered. I feel good about that. Preston dusted the living room Sunday before he went out. Other than some laundry, I’ve not done jack anything at all. I’ve just felt too … blech!

Preston took a boatload of mail to the PO this morning for me, and he said from now on for me not to seal my Media Mail packages, which sucks because I always put packing tape over the seal, just in case. Anyway, he said it’s new Post Office policy because people have been abusing the Media Mail rate. :eye rollage: That’s nice. I hate Punish the Majority over a few Morons mentality!


Preston and I are going to see the Barenaked Ladies tonight! If I’m awake when we get home tonight, I’ll write a review; if not, I’ll do it tomorrow. 😀 We’re supposed to have severe storms all day. This is going to be interesting to say the very least!