thomas update …

I was on the phone with Jane earlier (Thomas’ “other grandma”) . Dr Goebel finally called her back …

Thomas isn’t doing as well as we thought. His creatinine level is 4.1mg – in a healthy adult male, it’s usually .06-1.2mg per decaliter … So not good; he has entirely too much protein in his blood. And he has 28% total kidney function, which is up from what it was, but even so. So Dr Goebel is putting him on a medication to control that – and after a week, he has to go into the clinic there in town for a urinalysis and more bloodwork.

And instead of going back in September like we thought, looks like we’re going back at the end of May — which means I may not get to go to that convention I wanted to go to in June; I only have the money to go either to Cincinnati (to the doctor) or to Nashville (to Hypericon), not both. However, we’re to the point where we’re going to have to start my medical tests looks like, so I have to go this trip in case Dr Goebel wants to talk about that.


Author: Mari Adkins

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