relearning how to write

In college, my journalism teachers all had fits with me because I had trouble composing at the computer. And I fought them tooth and nail. I’ve always been comfortable with paper and pen; I never even owned a typewriter until I graduated from high school. Even then, I never used it because, even though it was electric, it was loud; that “noise” thing I have…Besides, how can anyone not like the feel of a perfect inkpen gliding across a perfectly smooth sheet of paper…

But I digress.

Over the last several days, I’ve made it a point to try to compose at the computer, especially since that’s part of what Preston got me this laptop for in the first place. It’s been slow going. So many distractions. So much to sit here and do! Kim Colley calls this “cat waxing”, and it’s true.

Yesterday, something broke loose. I typed 2,768 words. This brings Daybreak up to 56,700 for the year. I’ve reached 42% of my goal of 150k for the year. :banana:

And now, to get that much for today…