trip out of the slushpile

Every slush reader on the planet has a list of “woes”. I admit, after almost two years of wading through Apex Digest slush, I’ve been slow to create mine. Here, though, are my top six in no particular order.

  • “It was as if” – No, it wasn’t. Either something is or it isn’t
  • Cover letter trying to be humorous and failing badly – Personally, I don’t feel humor has any place in a professional cover or query letter
  • “Suddenly” – My eyes and ears bleed
  • Poorly addressed cover letters – ie, those submissions which come to a specific editor – When you submit directly to a specific editor, your submission is forwarded to the actual submissions pool
  • No cover letter – I get these quite often, the rogue submission with no cover letter whatsoever, and I’m always left going, “HHmmm.”

Author: Mari Adkins

Appalachian gothic fiction writer - my works reflect a love of literature flavored by the darkness and magic residing in these ancient mountains. In my spare time, I'm a Simmer, I tumbl, I journal, but I always have a very strange sense of humor. I have lived away from the mountains and lived deep in the mountains. I currently live in Central Kentucky with my lifepartner and his cat. The mountains, their culture, their superstitions, their particular magics, will always be in my blood.