gapingvoid and drama

Yeah, I know. I still need to customize my theme. I will. I promise. As soon as I get around to it. 😉

Was reading Hugh MacCleod’s recent tweets while playing catchup just now and ran into this:

gapingvoid Good Rule for protecting your sanity online: “They can’t MAKE you read the shit they’re writing about you.”

That’s so true. More people need to take it to heart, too. If they did, there’d be far less Internet drama.


Author: Mari Adkins

Appalachian gothic fiction writer - my works reflect a love of literature flavored by the darkness and magic residing in these ancient mountains. In my spare time, I'm a Simmer, I tumbl, I journal, but I always have a very strange sense of humor. I have lived away from the mountains and lived deep in the mountains. I currently live in Central Kentucky with my lifepartner and his cat. The mountains, their culture, their superstitions, their particular magics, will always be in my blood.