I’m not awake yet. Part of me doesn’t want to be awake yet, let alone out of bed. Still recovering from that stupid virus; it totally wore me out.

I’m up to my eyeballs this morning in Gwyddon scheduling. I’m trying to pull myself back into the swing of things, which would be good. I figure I’ll get myself rolling again about the time we break off for the Summer. ROFL I have our schedule together up to June 7th.

Now if I can just get everyone coordinated enough to follow it. :sigh: I don’t know where everybody is again lately – everybody’s disappeared again. It’s so frustrating! It’s hard to teach – let alone know what to teach – with everyone running on different schedules.

Well, I’m off to read boards, fora and blogs! Have a good Monday!


Update …

Just a note to let everyone know I’ve not totally fallen off the face of the earth, not really. I’ve just been bitten by the blogger bug and have been blogging on my website. BlueMoon Journal is the new place. I probably will keep this account, and may use it as a “mirror” – but I’ll definitely be over here to read my friends’ blogs! Promise!

It was a weekend!

I realized yesterday afternoon that some of my LJ posts are really long, and that by not using the “cut” feature, I’ve probably been really rude to my friends – sorry about that!

I got bitten by the bug to finally do something, anything, to my website. I wrote up some stuff on a couple of sheets of paper, and I’ve been surfing the net looking for page templates, though I’ll probably come up with something on my own, as usual. It’s been an interesting redo, that’s for sure! But I’m not telling what I’m doing – not yet. :buwahahahaha:

Am also wanting to do something to the Gwyddon site, but what I have no idea yet. There’s just a ton of information there, and it’s all just kinda lying around – no real order or cohesion. I’ve wanted to redo that site for a couple of years now – but how is totally escaping me. Eh, it’ll eventually come to me. I hope.

Preston and I had a great weekend; we didn’t do crap. Usually we play cards or some kind of board game – or poke around one of the shopping centers, or gods forbid go to one of the malls – but this time we just kicked back on the sofa, read and watched movies. It was great. I didn’t even have to yell at him for aggravating me – which was great for my nerves and my blood pressure. lol

We traded Valentines at midnight Friday. We couldn’t wait! Preston’s was great – it made me cry. The one I got him was similar to what we printed on our wedding invitations, only instead of “my lover, my friend”, it said, “my husband, my friend”. At least we didn’t get each other the same Valentine like we did last year. That was just … scary. 😉 I made him watch the Peanuts Valentine special on ABC Saturday night, then we watched Grosse Pointe Blank because it was appropriately fitting.

I made a pineapple upside-down cake Saturday; I’d just got to missing my grandmother and the cakes she’d make me on my birthday, and we’d not had a pineapple upside-down in four years. Of course, I had to make it in an iron skillet just like she did, and I was scared to death. Preston and I scored major points for actually flipping the finished cake over into a dinner plate – anything that takes team effort really is an effort for us. rofl But I’m proud of myself. That cake was perfect and delicious! I should have taken a picture! LOL “Mari Proudly Shows off her Cake!” (or maybe not)

Preston forgot to buy me a birthday card. LMAO So, when we went out to have dinner last night, we ran to WalMart – where I busied myself in the pet aisle while he picked me out a card. It had Snoopy on it, so he scored Big Points. 😀

Very, very good weekend – even if it didn’t snow.

Toward the end of the week

Aside from the excitement over the cat on Monday, it’s really been a “slow” week, though it went by pretty quickly. (“Slow” means that it’s been uneventful.) I’d rather have “slow” than endless drama, and that’s the truth.

:knocks wood: justincase. LOL

It’s been warm and sunshiney this week – unusual for Kentucky in February. I was going to bathe Grey Lady Tuesday, but ended up just rubbing her down with a wet washcloth yesterday. Boy, she was pissed off; you’d have thought she’d gotten the whole works. 😉

One of the journals arrived today for the journal round-robin, and I’m drawing a complete blank as to what to put in it. :grumble: I’m usually full of journalling ideas, too.

I’m so mad at our alcoholic mail man! We never get our sale papers anymore until Saturday – and they do me no good then! We’re supposed to get them on Tuesday, but I don’t know who to call and complain to – the PO he delivers out of? That supervisor or what?

So I trudge over to the Kroger website and peruse the online flier. It wouldn’t be so bad, but my computer is upstairs, and the kitchen is downstairs. :grumble: I have to make my grocery list, then come up here to check to see what’s on sale and compare it against what I need this time. Instead of having the flier there with me.

I’m to the point where I’m either going to call somebody at the post office, or I’m going to just have to get Preston to stop at Kroger on the way home on Wednesdays and bring me a flier.

They’re having a good sale this week, but of course I don’t need a whole lot. It always works out that way; when I need a cart full, the sale comes on the wrong payday. LOL

Well, I don’t usually watch Friends, but I want to watch Phoebe get married tonight, and it starts in half an hour, so I’m off here. With us shopping and paying bills tomorrow, Valentine’s Saturday, and my birthday Sunday, it’ll probably be Monday before I’m back online. (unless we get sick of each other LOL)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Grey Lady

Crisis averted.

See, I received a flier through the mailslot last night after the complex office closed – everybody did. It was about the new Pepsi vending machine down by the laundry room and a bit of other complex news. All this was followed by a notice that everyone is required to have a Pet Agreement in their file by the end of the month, along with arrangements made to pay the $200 pet deposit, as well as notice about their dog policy (noise and pooper-scooper fines).

My heart fell to my knees, of course; I went through a half-box of Kleenex sitting here crying after I e-mailed Preston the news and spoke to a few of you on AIM about it. Nothing I could do until I talked to him, and I didn’t get to really talk to him until he got home last night. :sigh:

He called Brenda (complex manager) this morning when the office opened, and asked if the flier applied to us. He said her exact response was, “Good God, no. Y’all’ve been here too long.” And aside from that, we paid a huge deposit when we moved in, and it’s not marked in our rental folder/original lease papers why we paid such a huge deposit, so she said as far as she knew, we paid part of it for the cat – winkwink-nudgenudge.

My heart can stop pounding now.

She said the big deal and urgency is that they have a new maintenance crew on property, and they’ve had a huge problem with people’s pets getting out and getting lost – which explains the three new outside cats on this end of the complex, poor babies! So what they’re doing is having everyone sign a Pet Agreement so the maintance crew can look the information up in our folders before coming to do work.

Works for me. Grey Lady hides under the bed or behind the sofa when she hears voices she doesn’t know anyway, but she did have a period last Fall when she’d gotten really slippery about going out the front door. I’m always here when maintenance comes, and I always tell them if they see her to not let her out the front door and to not leave the front door open. Just in case.

So, that’s where we are. It’s all OK now. AYEA!!!

Coolest thing

This is absolutely the coolest thing, imho. from a convo with my mom earlier today:

her: man a couple we met in danville at the flea market well 127 that rides for critical to terminal ill kids on bikes they make sure htey go to the dr and all if people can’t afford it they even put people up in the motel got thomas and tayler a 119.99 toy each

me: WOW!!! That’s awesome!!!

her: they were beyond themselves last ngiht wehn i called to see how all went

her: they made out like bandits for xmas

me: I bet they did – they always have. LOL