the harlan county horror

as thought up by Monica Valentinelli:

The Harlan County Horror

+ 2 parts Kahlua
+ 1 part Bailey’s
+ Spritz of whipped cream
+ Lace with grenadine (or Hello Kitty charm, whichever is more horrifying to look at)

If anyone asks you what you’re drinking, you have to tell them you’re from Harlan County…


the devon

Devon (drink) – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The “Devon” is an alcoholic beverage that originated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, invented by Devon Hewitt at the bar Halo on November 11, 2006. A Devon is made by filling a Collins glass with ice, then adding 1 part of vodka, 1/2 part raspberry sourpuss, 1/2 part blue curacao, splash of lime juice, then topped with lemon lime soda. A very sweet drink with a turquoise color.

I had to look up “raspberry sourpuss“.

It doesn’t sound like something Michael would drink, but it sounds right up mine and Sami’s alleys!