i very well may have adhd

I went in with Thomas and his nurse psychiatrist Friday for an emergency session (he’s been having some growing issues and we’re trying to head off a major meltdown). And we were talking about this and that, and then she noticed a look on my face and said, “What?” and I said, “I do that.” She whipped out two evaluation forms and gave me and Thomas both copies and told us to get busy. I scored twice what Thomas did. She sent me home armed with a long list of URLs to read and information to discuss with my psychologist next Friday – as well as stuff to watch for in Thomas over the next three weeks until we see her again.

What we discussed makes a ton of sense in retrospect.

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don’t write novels on the job

Woman Fired For Writing Romance Novel At Work
SIOUX CENTER, Iowa — A Sioux Center woman has been fired a job at an industrial equipment manufacturer for working on a romance novel on company time.

Tanja Shelton began working at Sioux Automation in Sioux Center in August, where she had a desk job as a production control scheduler. After a few weeks, her supervisor, Cindy Altena, noticed Shelton was typing almost constantly.

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I was looking around some of the free MySpace graphics sites looking for some new pieces for my page and stumbled upon this

bullshitwhich of course I snagged. I wanted it here for this post and for ‘my space’. It’s apt. It’s fitting. And it does make a point. A very good one. Giving up is simply not the same as giving in.

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